Here you will find information about my practice: my mission statement, my manifesto, and my values.
As a Catholic visual artist, I strive to help reveal the Good, the True, and the Beautiful through unique ideas, captivating visual imagery, and well-crafted products.
Being at the heart of who I am, I unapologetically allow my faith to show through my work as a designer and visual artist. Examining the intersection between good design with faith and evangelization has become a cornerstone of my work.

Within my work, I strive to offer an intrinsic beauty to a world that is too often deprived of it. Through a refreshingly pleasing aesthetic, my work seeks to connect the sacred art tradition of the Church with mondern-day audience. I also find that beauty informed by this Sacred Tradition is one of – if not – the most effective means of communicating a message. I aim to offer a beauty that reaches beyond the surface level, lending itself to something larger than itself.

Through all steps of my process, I strive to offer creative solutions to design problems set before me. Through careful attention to detail and a strong drive to creatively respond to challenges, I aim to produce unique products specific to a clients needs.
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