Using 15 elements (the letters from the word "music" and 10 dots, we were to illustrate the following musical ideas throughout the course of this book:
1.1) A regular rhythm of 15 elements
1.2) Varied duration from short to sustained
1.3) Changes of interval applied to 1.1
1.4) The pattern syncopated, accented on unexpected beats
1.5) A variation on the rhythmic theme
1.6) A rhythmic improvisation that transcends the rhythmic pattern
1.7) A polyrhythm
1.8) Cues or accents inserted
2.1) Elements placed on a curved line to form a prime melodic theme
2.2) An inversion of the theme
2.3) Prime melodic theme broken into phrases
2.4) A staccato-legato contrast in the melody
2.6a) Gradual increase in amplitude
2.6b) Sudden increase in amplitude
2.7) The timbre within the notes structure changed
3.1) Tones varying timbre and amplitude around a home tone
3.2) Arranged as a chord
3.3)The arrangement shifted to a minor key
3.4) A cluster contrast
4.1) Ostinato rhythm combined with an expressive theme
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